Hello we are

We are one of the UK’s outstanding small PR consultancies and a significant partner to some of the UK’s biggest and best known brands.

As an independent agency operating at the heart of the digital economy, we help our clients to shape their communications for the digital age. We are equally at home working with big brands on social influence or with innovative new businesses on print and broadcast media relations.

“Word of mouth is the primary factor behind 20 to 50 percent of all purchasing decisions.”

McKinsey Quarterly

We create word of mouth campaigns that focus on the telling of a great story; a story that achieves attention; attention that introduces opportunity; opportunity that delivers customers.

That’s why we’re working with some of the best and the brightest global brands .

Our Services

Media Relations

We apply “the halo test” to our media relations. Halo is stand-out, in-depth coverage that explores benefits and differences, that brings brands to life and delivers recommendation. It’s coverage that grabs attention, shifts perception and changes behaviour. It’s media relations at its best.

Social & Content

Content and sharing is developed and delivered as part of every campaign. From idea to execution, how can we create fresh content, drive social engagement and spread the word through “people channels”, simultaneously? It’s joined-up PR for multi-connected audiences


We’ve a smart, senior team that thinks strategically about our clients’ businesses. We apply our experience with media and consumers to help shape the right communications strategies and messages for market.

Digital & Bloggers

We were born out of the digital economy, growing web brands and supporting tech innovators. Our digital publicity campaigns naturally feature influencer strategies and blogger relations, and are focused on traffic, SEO, registrations and sales.


We’ve worked for some of the UK’s leading media owners so we understand the media from the inside out. We don’t just pitch the media, we look for partnerships and opportunities for affinity between brands.


Breaking a Smurf Guinness World Record, creating an inflatable bubble in Selfridges or hosting a “women in politics” conference, our events are always varied but we’ll never lose sight of how our events change perceptions.


Sometimes staying out of the media is as important as getting in. By establishing protocols and practices and being on call, we have helped our UK and international clients through some very difficult media periods.


Cherish runs its own in-house metrics and measurement service which guarantees quality as well as quantity of results. Simple, unique and applied as standard.

Some of our clients.