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Back to school

The final coats of paint have dried and now Artisan Ealing is up and open and so is the Artisan Coffee School (, which we’re having a great time in. Launching the school is one of the most exciting things we have done as I think it demonstrates a new direction for Artisan and we can’t wait to start rolling out some of our courses, the first of which we ran about a week ago.

It was strange to see something that was simply a concept and dream in our heads four months ago become a reality. But there they all were in a hustling and bustling Artisan coffee shop, learning the finer points of home brewing taught by our Head of Coffee. It made us really proud of the whole team that we had got this far and from the feedback we have received from those who have taken our lovely courses, it bridges the gap between the complexity of speciality coffee and the coffee lover/customer or those looking to expand their knowledge.

So what prompted us to do this? I think we essentially wanted to push ourselves and think hard about what we were good at. After a lot of thought, we realised that like many top coffee shops, we spent a lot of time training – and training our staff to be the very best in the business takes a lot of time and there is a technique to doing it. So it seemed a natural extension to offer this training to those wanting to get into coffee or those who simply want to discover more about it.

So we built the Artisan Coffee School mixing the very latest equipment from some of the top suppliers in London with functionality and design. There is absolutely nothing dull about this training area; it’s set right in the heart of Artisan, Ealing. This glass structure with scaffolding board panels is very impressive and allows for a flexible learning space – from old school blackboards to a state of the art projector, this room is a cross between a lab and workshop. This has been a lot of fun and as the bookings keep coming in, it’s so nice to have realised the concept that as mentioned, four months ago was an idea being discussed over a bottle of wine.

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