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Building on up!

So right now we find ourselves in another building site planning out the third Artisan in Ealing; it has brought back so many feelings of excitement and nerves all at the same time. We have thought long and hard on how we can improve on the first two shops and what we are good at. Our thinking was along the lines of – well we know great coffee and we know how to train! With this in mind and our determination to continually improve, we have decided on an interesting way forward.

We are building and launching the Artisan Coffee School right in the heart of the third shop, made completely out of second hand window panes so that our customers can see the training going on and the trainees can look out and see the hustle and bustle of an Artisan coffee shop. We will be offering a number of courses from an Introduction to Coffee right through to advanced Barista courses, as well as tailor made packages and the ever popular latte art courses. These will be a mixture of SCAE (Speciality Association of Europe) certified courses and our own Artisan courses.  We will be using state of the art equipment as well as the equipment you find in the everyday shop; so our training really does aim to provide the best possible experience.

We have never run a school before but it sounds like fun and we have what we think is the most important ingredient of all – a passion for teaching and for speciality coffee. However, before we get ahead of ourselves we have to build the place! And this is exactly what is happening as we write this blog from a building site. Yesterday was a day spent in the salvage yard collecting second hand windows and today is a the day we start putting it all together, meanwhile Alessandro, our Head of Coffee has just returned from a SCAE train the trainer workshop in Spain for their courses. Check out our facebook page for regular updates of our progress:

Can’t wait to tell you more about it but for the time being, we have to get back to building the school and the shop. Come say hi if you’re in the Ealing Broadway area!

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