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Having a baby whilst having a business!

We are absolutely delighted to announce that Magda has had a little baby boy called Nile! We are both very happy, but we thought in this update we would address some of the issues of having both a business and a baby. We talked for hours about what impact the little one would have on Artisan and how we could still maintain our roles and keep it all going – after all Artisan is no longer the little shop on the corner of Putney serving amazing coffee, there are now three shops and a coffee school to take care of.

In many ways we actually found it imposable to plan; how can you until you have met the little guy/girl and you have no idea how much of an impact it will have. Having said that, we worked along the basis that Magda would be off the shop floor for the first few months and that her workload would drop to about 50%. It is the very nature of what we have created at Artisan that the sad truth is as a founder Magda has too much influence to simply be able to stop working completely, however much the little boy might need. As such, Nile lies in his basket while Magda works away on the laptop surrounded by rosters, invoices and accounts.

As I write this I can say that unfortunately Nile has had to spend that last four days on the shop floor in the coffee shops and he seems to be getting used to it despite being only nine weeks old. This might sounds like a strain and in fact it might be the only negative part of having a baby and running your own business. However, we do have one great trump card – the one thing that makes this all possible is that we have complete control over our own time and we can dictate how we spend it. It is this flexibility that has kept us, baby Nile and Artisan all going strong throughout these first few months and will hopefully continue to do so into the future.

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