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How strong is your team?

On the very first day Artisan consisted of just us, Edwin and Magda – it has now grown to 20 employees, some part time and some full time, over both of our shops in Putney and in Stamford Brook. Over the last few years, we have seen some truly lovely people work for us and continue to work for us. It is over this time we have learnt how incredibly important your team is for your business and your peace of mind.

The team can make or break any business and it is very much down to the managers or owners to get the very best out of them at all times. If done right, they can really drive the business forward by coming up with new ideas and solutions to make their job more efficient. This means that at Artisan, we spend a lot of time trying to create the type of environment that breeds a happy and productive  team. We try and communicate our message and vision of Artisan to them all so they understand what our core values are, and what we are all here to try and achieve. We sit them down and explain what we are trying to create: simply the best coffee experience full stop. What  we have found is by communicating this, our staff actually approach us with suggestions or ideas on how we can improve and constantly evolve.

There is nothing we like more then when now, as owners, we walk into Artisan and something has improved for the better, no matter how small. For example we need a key to open our napkin dispenser and for years we would have to scruffle around the drawers looking for it. Then, one day we walked in and found someone had used blu-tack to stick it to the wall. BRIALLANT, never again were we to spend our time looking for it, which in turn gave us more time to spend on the customer. Little ideas help the big picture.

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