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The Launch

So there we were with our lovely coffee shop – a great property all fitted out – and we had been trading for 4 weeks, constantly ironing out the little flaws and perfecting the perfect cup. Now was the time to launch Artisan on to the coffee shop scene. I remember distinctly not wanting to do a launch party; I was nervous and the thought of going around with no introduction to all the local businesses was scary. However as with many things, we forced ourselves out of our comfort zone and headed down the street with invitations in hand.

As far as I a can remember, we went to every single shop, office and house near Artisan; where we would introduce ourselves, tell people about Artisan and then invite them to the launch that was on a Thursday evening at 6:30pm – we hoped people would come after work. As it was near Christmas, we served mince pies and mulled wine as well as beer and of course our great coffee. To keep it simple, we simply offered piccolo lattes to everyone and anyone – including passer byers in the street!

We were both paranoid that no one would turn up, however we did have a back-up plan and that was our trusted family and friends. We thought even if no one showed up, at least we could have a drink and enjoy the night with them. We also invited local press (though I don’t think any showed up) and told all the customers that came in. To our relief, people did show up and filled Artisan whilst a few locals popped in to see what was going on. It was a good night and everyone seemed to have a good time including Magda who after one too many mulled wines managed to break our new table at the end of the night!

If you’re interested, looking back the value wasn’t in actually hosting the launch; it was the going around to all the businesses, introducing ourselves and chatting to people and the launch gave us a nice opportunity and excuse to do this.

Love Artisan x

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