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Barista Skills Professional

Skill Level
Attendees must have completed Barista Skills Intermediate or have equivalent experience

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Two Full Days (09:30 till 16:30)
Without SCA accreditation £450 | With SCA accreditation - SCA Member £550/ With SCA accreditation - Non-SCA Member £600
Course Summary

This is a fantastic course for those who are used to being behind the coffee machine but want to improve their skills. It covers the following areas and is a very practical hands-on course.

Coffee beans – single origin’s, blends, roast degrees, degassing, freshness

  • Workspace – Analysis of the lay out of a coffee shop
  • Grinding – Evaluation of conical-burrs VS flat-burrs grinders
  • Brewing – Ability to work out a recipe for espresso
  • Milk – Milk’s components and production processes
  • Coffee Menu – how this mutates around the world
  • Health & Safety practices
  • Customer service – speed and efficiency of service and how to exceed customer’s expectations
  • Water – filtrations systems available and how they work
  • Financial Management – Suppliers, buying and ordering coffee, P&L
  • Extracting and brewing; producing a balanced espresso, and how differing shot lengths affect extraction and the body
  • Milk texturing, milk chemistry and the basics behind latte art free pouring

After this course you will have all the knowledge behind speciality coffee and how you can influence flavour in your shops to increase the quality of the product you are producing.

Download the syllabus here

Why Join Us
This course is all about taking your skills to the next level - the fact that you are even looking at this section shows that you have a passion for what you do and this is a prerequisite for this course. We take that love of coffee and provide you with the skills to understand the complexities behind this fascinating agricultural product.

This is aimed to provide the barista with a greater knowledge of coffee as an agricultural product, by showcasing Arabica beans from different varieties, countries and processing methods. In addition it will cover the proficiency to dial in a brew recipe and prepare a full range of espresso-based drinks with quality and speed, the secrets behind milk chemistry and how customer service can make your café a great place to be!
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