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Without SCAE accreditation £450 | With SCAE accreditation - SCAE Member £550/ With SCAE accreditation - Non-SCAE Member £600
Course Summary
  • Grinding – Learn about grind profile and how sieving could affect your brew
  • Roasting – Brew the same coffee at different roast levels and discuss its solubility
  • Brewing – Master how to brew targeting strength or extraction
  • Water – Understand the impact of water quality on coffee’s flavour

The SCAE Coffee Diploma is an educational program designed to meet the needs of coffee professionals everywhere.  It is a controlled and certified system with a curriculum designed by the best minds in the coffee industry.

It allows the coffee professional to sit courses and certifications at locations and times of their choosing, amassing credits each time a certification is successfully passed that count towards the full Coffee Diploma.

Download the syllabus here

Why Join Us
This course offers proficiency in brewing by analysing in detail what happens during extraction and why. You will have a vast array of coffees at your disposal as well as different types of water with which to brew.

This is aimed to provide the barista with a full understanding of the art of brewing by hand by developing the ability to navigate the coffee brewing control chart. You will discuss in detail the possible causes that affects the taste and aroma of your brew.
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