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3 Days
£600 Without SCA accreditation | With SCA accreditation - £750 SCA Member / £800 Non-SCA Member
Course Summary
  • Learn in-depth what is sensory analysis
  • Study the key parameters of: Evoke, Measure, Analyse, Interpret
  • Be able to conduct a sensory study, you will gain the abilities to run sensory evaluation in a coffee business e.g. generate a repeatable and methodical sensory measure of coffees.
  • Be aligned with the industry coffee standards
  • Learn the sensory skills required to professionally start to identify specialty coffee qualities and to describe coffee characteristics
  • Understand how to use sensory attributes: Sight, Smell (ortho-nasal olfaction), Flavour (retro-nasal olfaction, taste and trigeminal perception), Consistency and texture)
  • Discover the anatomy and physiology of sensation
  • You will learn the chain of sensory perception (Tasting as neurological circuit)
  • Develop threshold tests whist understanding the psychological factors
  • Discover the taste and textures in the context of coffee using the 5 prototypical tastes
  • Detect low sensorial qualities in coffee as well as defects and taints
  • Define positive and negative aromas in coffee
  • Run cupping sessions and learn cupping generalities, key terminology and sensory vocabulary
  • Learn to set up sensory in your business and sensory applications.

Train you panel and panellists, checking performance and calibration in new product development.

Why Join Us
You have learnt about coffee, now learn to understand how to taste it!
What Is SCA?
The Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) represents the heart of the coffee community, where thousands of coffee professionals and enthusiasts can share their wealth of knowledge and experience with one another in a forum designed to facilitate innovation, education, research and most importantly, communication.

What People Have Said

Wow these guys take geek to the next level.. they really know their stuff and their enthusiasm is infectious.

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